"My Dream" is the title of the Eddy Wata album, his first album.

 It includes all of the hits of his last 5 years career and a good number of new songs that could become new hits.

The tracklist includes hits such as "I Love My People", "The Light", "I Like The Way" and "Señorita", the current single "My Season" written and produced along with Dor Dekel and Itay Kalderon, and new potential hits such as "I Wa Le Wa" and "Kiss Your Bride".

Since 2009 Eddy's been considerably touring in countries such as: Romania, Russia, Norway, Turkey, Poland, Israel, Dubai, Albania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Spain and Sri Lanka which shows how popular he is, but meanhwile he's also been able to write lots of songs, some  of  which are now listed on this album: "My Dream".