FLABBY - On The Dancefloor


Flabby equal guarantee. Flabby's music has been running smoothly for almost a quarter of a century, since the release of their first single "Diggy Doggy Doo". Today, Fabrizio Fiore and Rosario Pellecchia continue their journey that led them from the mocking Soul-Lounge of "Modern Tunes For Everybody" to the Soul-Jazz of "Anything Can Happen"; from the refined Pop-Soul of "I'm Feeling Good Today" to a very modern reinterpretation of the Nu-Soul-Funk-Disco era with "Inside Outside" and the new single "On The Dancefloor"



 02. ON THE DANCEFLOOR Chillout Mix
 03. ON THE DANCEFLOOR Club House Edit Mix
 04. ON THE DANCEFLOOR Club House Extended Mix