OUT NOW "Murther" the new masterpiece by Deva
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  The writing, arranging and production of "Murther", the new album, took time due to the complexity of the project, which is not just a complicated concept album in terms of story, but also a more than stratified music composition, a mixed variety of genres, real orchestra arrangements, which led to something innovative: a combination of gothic, progressive, epic, symphonic and classic metal, stunningly interpreted by Deva and the great variety of musicians who...

Special Flabby "I'm Feeling Good Today" on Radio 105
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  Guarda il video di "Let Yourself Go", scopri tutti i brani del nuovo album di Rosario Pellecchia e Fabrizio Fiore e VINCI subito la tua copia autografata!    Vuoi vincere il nuovo album dei Flabby? Si chiama I’m Feeling Good Today e con può essere tuo. Ecco come: se non sei ancora iscritto alla Community di 105, registrati subito, inserisci login e password, leggi attentamente lo Speciale, e rispondi esattamente alle tre...

"Soundtrack System" is a new entry in the TOP 100 Chart in Bulgaria
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   Good premises for the forthcoming live set in...

The new DJ Jump & Jenny Dee single
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  "King Of The World" feat. LEXTER    Waiting for the official video - "King Of The World" feat. Lexter - The new DJ Jump & Jenny Dee single - Will be released on March 4th - -   -

February 25th, 2014 - DEVA... the new album is ready!
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 "Murther"... The storm is coming!   All you need to know about the new Deva...

FIFA World Cup 2014: The winner is Elijah King
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    American artist Elijah King is announced winner of the SuperSong competition   Elijah King is the winner of the super song competition for the FIFA World Cup 2014 which will be held in Brazil. The title of the song is "Vida" and will be performed by Ricky Martin. Elijah King is also the featured artist and co-writer, along with Santiago Carvajal aka Fainal, of the song "I Need Some Lovin"  released by RNC MUSIC worldwide,...

Flabby - Spot 2014 "I'm Feeling Good Today"
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 Tutti i giorni su Radio 105 e Radio Monte Carlo, lo spot del nuovo album dei Flabby "I'm Feeling Good Today"    ...

Out Now! FLABBY "I'm Feeling Good Today"
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The New Flabby album    Flabby 's new album, I'm Feeling Good Today, released on February 4. The album is anticipated by the single “Let Yourself Go”,  and it’s already programmed on several Italian radios. The tracklist of the album is as follows:    EVERYONE SHOULD FEEL LIKE THIS  LET YOURSELF GO  NEVER HIDE YOUR FEELINGS  UNTIL THE END OF...

Pre-order now on iTunes the new Flabby album
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 Pre-order now on iTunes the new Flabby album "I'm Feeling Good Today" on sale as of the 4th February.    "Words are important, someone said: it would be enough just the distance between these two titles to tell a new chapter in the music of Flabby" (aka Fabrizio Fiore and Rosario Pellecchia)          FLABBY • "Let Yourself Go" the...