OUT NOW "I Just Want To Dance" the new single by Candy
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   MOSLEY - "Bhangra"     - Released 27 May, 2014 -    TRACKLIST  BHANGRA (Radio Edit) BHANGRA  (Twerk Edit) BHANGRA  (Extended) BHANGRA  (Twerk...

Would you like to remix "King Of The World" by DJ Jump & Jenny Dee feat. Lexter?
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 Would you like to remix "King Of The World" by DJ Jump & Jenny Dee feat. Lexter? The best remixes will be included on "King of the world remixes" soon to be released. Download files here //  and send your remix to  - you have time until the 22nd of May  Vuoi remixare "King Of The World" di Dj...

OUT NOW! HOT CASANDRA "Julia" is now available!
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   HOT CASANDRA - "Julia"    - Released 06 May, 2014 -    Hot Casandra is back with an amazing single! "Julia" is a beautiful indie song with a kick-ass music video in a nice and neat package. Amazing French electronica artist Astrobal delivers a wicked electro-pop take, Ben Royal, a groovy house version and and our favourite electro house producer U4Ya adds a heavy-weight club remix to the...

SANTAKA "Hola Hola Honda" in Japan
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  Just a few hours from the release of Santaka's new single Japan talks about...

OUT NOW! SANTAKA - Hola Hola Honda
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   SANTAKA - "Hola Hola Honda"     - Released on 2014, Apr 29 -    Santaka is a latin dance project started by two italian producers last summer with "El Canto De Verano" a song which achieved very good feedback and was licensed to several countries. These producers are also football people and, by an idea of RNC MUSIC, they were asked to write a song, as a tribute to the rising sun football, which in the last...

FIFA World Cup 2014: The winner is Elijah King
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    American artist Elijah King is announced winner of the SuperSong competition   Elijah King is the winner of the super song competition for the FIFA World Cup 2014 which will be held in Brazil. The title of the song is "Vida" and will be performed by Ricky Martin. Elijah King is also the featured artist and co-writer, along with Santiago Carvajal aka Fainal, of the song "I Need Some Lovin"  released by RNC MUSIC worldwide,...

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  Various Artists - METAMORPHOSIS Vol. 1  - Released on 2014, Apr 29 -   Graziano Pegoraro nasce a Cilavegna (PV) nel 1950 e comincia all’età di 16 anni la sua attività artistica, come batterista all’interno di gruppi emergenti della sua zona. Dopo aver frequentato il Conservatorio G. Verdi di Milano, dove studia Percussioni, inizia nel 1982 ad avvicinarsi al genere Dance.   Nel 1983 il primo fortunato successo...

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   The playlist of the 10 most viewed videos on RNC MUSIC Channel, updated...

Exclusive preview on for the Gabin video "E all'improvviso io ti vedo"
Immagine non disponibile   Two new songs taken from the new Gabin album "Soundtrack System" hit the market at the same time and catch the attention of their fans worldwide. The kinematic "E all'improvviso io ti vedo" which video is sneak peak on the site and the beautiful "I Gotta Go For Love" already airplayed on Radio Monte...

OUT NOW! DAVE STILLER - "Night Of Your Life" is available on all major digital stores
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  DAVE STILLER - Night Of Your Life   - Released 22 Apr, 2014 -           TRACKLIST  NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE   Radio Edit  NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE   Sun Edit  NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE   Extended  NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE   Sun...