OUT NOW ! COVERI=DONATI - Sin Control Remixes
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COVERI = DONATI - "Sin Control Remixes"  - Released 15 Jul, 2014 -    TRACKLIST  SIN CONTROL  (Airomen Locabass Remix) SIN CONTROL  (Axel Raven & Max Parker Remix) SIN CONTROL  (Afterfab Remix) SIN CONTROL  (Kenzo...

WIN a copy of the GABIN "Soundtrack System" CD
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   Would you like to try and be record executive with us? Write a comment and let us know what you honestly think about the music we propose, even technically, if you want. Let's start with "I Gotta Go For Love" by Gabin which has been considered by Radio Monte Carlo as one of 2014 best records, so far. Who sends the most professional comment will be awarded with a copy of the Gabin album "Soundtrack System". Volete provare ad...

OUT NOW! WIGGLE TEAM - "Wiggle Dance"
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  WIGGLE TEAM - "Wiggle Dance"   - Released on 8 Jul, 2014 -       TRACKLIST  1.    WIGGLE DANCE  (VOCAL EDIT)  03'07"  2.    WIGGLE DANCE  (VOCAL EXTENDED)  04'20"  3.    WIGGLE DANCE  (INSTRUMENTAL...

OUT NOW ! DJ JUMP & JENNY DEE feat. LEXTER - "King Of The World Remixes"
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  DJ JUMP & JENNY DEE feat. LEXTER - "King Of The World Remixes"   - Released in digital on 2 Jul, 2013 - Physical album on 24 Jun, 2014 -      TRACKLIST  1.    KING OF THE WORLD  (DJ JUMP & JENNY DEE REWORK)  03'54"  2.    KING OF THE WORLD  (DJ JUMP & JENNY DEE REWORK EXTENDED...

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   ELEFTHERIOS MUKUKA & ADAM COOPER Feat. LU GARI & LAYTH SIDIQ - "Yala A Bailar"  - Released 10 Jun, 2014 -    TRACKLIST  YALA A BAILAR...

OUT NOW! GABIN - E All'Improvviso Io ti Vedo - Oel Ngati kameie Remix
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GABIN - "E All'Improvviso Io ti Vedo - Oel Ngati Kameie Remix"  - Released 10 Jun, 2014 -    TRACKLIST  E ALL'IMPROVVISO IO TI VEDO  (Oel Ngati Kameie...

OUT NOW! "HAPPY GOAL 2014" to celebrate the World Cup!
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HAPPY GOAL 2014 - Various Artists  - Released 06 Jun, 2014 -     Yes we're in here. Football! In a few days the 2014 World Cup will start and we couldn't avoid to release our own compilation: Happy Goal 2014. Everybody's happy when the own team scores a goal, so do we. Celebrate it with "Happy Goal 2014" available worldwide. Check it out!   TRACKLIST  BANG BANG TO THE...

OUT NOW! JAY STYLE "On My Mind" is now available!
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JAY STYLE - "On My Mind"  - Released 03 Jun, 2014 -    TRACKLIST  ON MY MIND  (Original Edit) ON MY MIND  (Flash Remix Edit) ON MY MIND  (Club Mix Edit) ON MY MIND  (Sensation Mix Edit) ON MY MIND   (Original Mix) ON MY MIND  (Flash Remix) ON MY MIND  (Club Mix) ON MY...

"Hola Hola Honda" by Santaka lands in Japan thanks to Warner Music Japan
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   "Hola Hola Honda" by Santaka has been released in Japan by Warner Music Japan.  The single is on rotation on several japanese...

Now available the new stunning COVERI & DONATI single "Sin Control"!
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   COVERI=DONATI - "Sin Control"  - Released 20 May, 2014 -    Following up their huge international hits IBIZA and FIESTA LOCA, Claudio Coveri and Giordano Donati throw themselves once again on the Dancefloors, with a stunning song full of energy, literally, "with no control" (Sin Control). The sound match the goal to reach different dance worlds to get to the core of more generations. Dopo i grandi successi mondiali...