B-RIGHT Feat. ANNA SU - East Dream
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    B-RIGHT feat. ANNA SU - East Dream     B-Right feat. Anna Su "East Dream" is the right combination to success. The experience of the producers (Fabio Cozzi and Giovanni Cocco) along with the unique vocal skills of the singer Anna Su, led to the creation of something new. Some people call this Deep House, but in principle one step beyond, into something slightly different. From a wider point of view, this is just great pop dance: a...

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    GIANPIERO XP & COVERI & DONATI feat. SERENA - Magisexual      Following the success with their hit singles "Ibiza" and "Fiesta Loca", Desaparecidos leaves behind their pen name to hit the scene under their own names. Coveri & Donati, after their recent single "Sin Control", are back along with Gianpiero XP, DJ of the leading dance station Radio Ibiza, for a new production which has the potential...

VEKONYZ - The Way I Do
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   VEKONYZ - The Way i...

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   CHIARA MINALDI • "The Rain Still Falls" (Official Video) -  The new single from the album "Intimate" (© RNC MUSIC, 2014) -

WIGGLE TEAM - "Wiggle Dance"
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   WIGGLE TEAM - Wiggle Dance (Official Video) - (Ⓟ © RNC MUSIC, 2014) -    Directors & Editors: Riccardo Ghisletti and Stefano Colonna of "104 FILM"  - -   Thanks to: Nathalie Aarts, Shajaira Cabrera, Diana Gonzales, Rina Arapi, Densil Espinosa, Corrado Ferrarelli   facebook -...

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  Following up their huge international hits IBIZA and FIESTA LOCA, Claudio Coveri and Giordano Donati throw themselves once again on the Dancefloors, with a stunning song full of energy, literally, "with no control" (Sin Control). The sound match the goal to reach different dance worlds to get to the core of more generations.   website - facebook - YouTube - soundcloud -...

SANTAKA - Hola Hola Honda
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  This is a tribute to Keisuke Honda (and in general to the Rising Sun football) after he's scored his first goal on the italian Serie A - This video was made with images found on the internet. Rights to the images used, are and will remain property of the legitimate owners.  - The new SANTAKA single! Available on all major digital stores worldwide - -...

GABIN - E All'Improvviso Io Ti Vedo (Official Video)
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 In conflicts with yourself there are no rules, breaks or suspensions. You cannot breathe , you have no balance , the fight you win is often the one that you avoid although unspoken tensions always reappear when we least expect it . In choosing to face the encounter there is a growing possibility of victory : the match with your own limits, the effort to deal with it, the strain of looking at yourself, at last, in an authentic way. In the video for "All'improvviso io ti...

JAY STYLE - Imp@ct (Official Video)
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Of swiss origins, JAY STYLE is an essential dj on the french club scene. Further to an unique technique, he’s got a natural attitude for the live show, which makes of him a real showman, with more than 120 tour dates per year.  JAY STYLE - Imp@ct (Official Video) - The new JAY STYLE single, available on all major digital stores worldwide - (Ⓟ © RNC Music/Chic Flowerz Music, 2014) - -

CLOSURE - Murmur
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 From the album "The Memory Of A Madman"