HANABI - Modern Colors

 HANABI - Modern Colors

- Released 26 February 2016 -



The Vision of HANABI

As each nations are trying to sweep away the national boundaries, our goal is to create an entertainment which will unite each and every nationality, language, culture, gender and age of the world.

A crew based in Japan spreading entertainment that can unite each nations of the world. A new style of Japanese traditional music brought t︎o people by globally recognized performers. ︎

Profile :


DJ Yuhei Watanabe  

Watanabe has taken part in numerous clubs mainly based in Tokyo, and has also set as a sound producer. In June 2014, he had the privilege main of performing at €Armada Night€ held by Armada Records, where the King of DJs Armin Van Buuren represents. ︎In recent years, he has worked in collaboration with Kishimoto, and started a local project. This projectʼs aim is to root and expand the idea where Toyomae city in Fukuoka prefecture is a city of dancing. ︎

Tsugaru Shamisen: Kubota

When he was 7 years old, he entered the Mitsugi Sasaki Style Japanese Folk Music group, specialized in the field of three stringed instruments. At the age of 14, he won the Tsugaru Shamisen Namonal Compe. Following this achievement, he has performed abroad, such as at the AtlanMc Pre-Olympics and at the New York Carnegie Hall. At the age of 17,

he was given a performer name from the group that he has been part of. Main Performances and Appearances

-performed at a cultural interacMve event held at Atlanta.

-performed at a cultural interacMve event held at New York

-performed throughout all 10 projects and events that were produced by Shuji Terayama -in the musical "The Birth of a Star" held at Aoyama Theater, he performed his shamisen throughout all 40 openings. -appearance at Hiromitsu Kamizuma's "Otoemaki 2" -appearance at Junko Yamanaka's Atsumi Island photo exhibiMon -collaborated and remixed with Toshi from X-JAPAN with his shamisen for Toshi's solo single "Earth in the Dark"

Shakuhachi: Nakamura

Born in Uwajima city, Ehime prefecture. An the age of 17, he fell involve with Shakuhachi, and since then he has persued his passion by entering the Tokyo arts university, Music course majoring Shakuhachi. He has won many titles such as the 6th annual Shakuhachi amateur championships, the 3rd annual Tokyo Japanese music contest and the 2nd annual "WAYOU" Instrumental group contest. He has also recieved many awards such as the "Yomiuri Shinbun award", "Nihon Minyou Kyoukai award", "Tsutada**** awards". After graduating university, he has been invited to perform in famous places such as the "Suntory hall", "Ryougoku kokugikan", and also the American embassy. He has also been invited to play in different countries such as Turkey, Algeria, Kenya, Malawi and China. He has also apprenticed to KOUHACHIROU MIYATA and JUNSUKE KAWASE

€HANABI€ is Authorized by the Ministry of Economy, and Cool Japan project.



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HANABI - Modern Colors
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