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"The First Ten Years" of Gabin on Esquire Greece
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GABIN - "The First Ten Years" on Esquire Greece         More than proud to announce that one of the best electro lounge records ever, of an italian band (recently we bumped into people thinking Gabin as a french or english band, but not italian, though a 14 years career) is covermount on the current issue of Esquire magazine in Greece. Robert De Niro on the cover, "The First Ten Years" of Gabin inside.    ...

ONE IN A MILLION - The new single by ESTELA is ready!
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ESTELA MARTIN Feat. YOUNG JOHNSON - "One In A Million"  - Released 10 February 2015 -     TRACKLIST   ONE IN A MILLION (RADIO EDIT)           BUGZY - "Massama" the new single.          ...

BUGZY - Massama
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BUGZY - "MASSAMA"  - Released 03 February 2015 -     TRACKLIST   MASSAMA (RADIO EDIT)    MASSAMA (EDIT REMIX)  MASSAMA (EXTENDED)  MASSAMA (EXTENDED REMIX)         BUGZY - "Massama" the new...

CHIARA MINALDI is #1 on the South Korean Chart
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  Chiara Minaldi's "River" TOPS the South Korean Jazz Chart at Number 1. Included on the stunning album "Intimate", already licensed in several countries, "River" is the follw up to the single "The Rain Still Falls" that also charted at Number 12. In South Korea Chiara Minaldi is released by Secretion Music. Soon the album "intimate".   Chiara Minaldi con il suo singolo "River" è in cima...

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VARIOUS ARTISTS - "DANCE FACTORY Vol. 1"  - Released 27 January 2015 -      RNC MUSIC launches its own compilation brand "DANCE FACTORY" Following the large number of our dance records released in several territories and the success achieved by some of them, we thought it was the right time to start our own compilation brand and we chose to name it "DANCE FACTORY" to indicate that dance music, as well as any other genre,...

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AARON TESSER THE NEW JAZZ AFFAIR - "Love Map"    - Released 20 Jan, 2015 -      "Love Map" is the new album by Aaron Tesser New Jazz Affair, one of most interesting acts on the italian Nu Jazz scene. Third album and first one on RNC MUSIC (the previous "Looking Ahead" and "Children" have been released by IRMA and licensed to several countries). Aaron Tesser, with his songs, is usual guest of Radio Monte...

Chiara Minaldi's "The Rain Still Falls" enters the South Korean Jazz Chart
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  Chiara Minaldi's "The Rain Still Falls" enters the South Korean Jazz Chart. Included on the stunning album "Intimate", already licensed in several countries, "The Rain Still Falls" is one of the many pearls which highlights Chiara Minaldi's talent.   Chiara Minaldi con il suo singolo "The Rain Still Falls" entra nella classifica jazz nella Corea del Sud. Tratto dal bellissimo album "Intimate" già...

Flabby's "I'm Feeling Good Today" is on "Rommate"
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   Flabby’s “I’m Feeling Good Today” is one of the songs included on the soundtrack of the popular and successful South Korean reality tv show "SBS Roommate 룸메이트”, season 2. This reality gathers in the same House a variety of unique artists who live and discuss daily the topics of their artistic careers. The captivating pop jazz music of Flabby goes perfectly with the warm atmosphere created within...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from RNC MUSIC Team...

B-RIGHT feat. ANNA SU - "East Dream"
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B-Right feat. Anna Su "East Dream" is the right combination to success. The experience of the producers (Fabio Cozzi and Giovanni Cocco) along with the unique vocal skills of the singer Anna Su, led to the creation of something new. Read more, click...